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The present conditions of sale will apply to ALL the orders of products that you make to MINIATURAMA S.L. through its website www.mtmdist.com (from now on, the Website).


There is no minimum order to purchase on the Website. As indicated, you must make the payment using one of the payment methods described below. Miniaturama will issue the corresponding invoice, which will be sent once the order has been confirmed. All payments will be placed in Euros (€), being able to choose the form of payment that suits you or that you have contracted.

All payments made on this website are processed using secure servers. In no case the web www.mtmdist.com will request any information related to your credit/debit card number, account number or access codes. The forms of payment accepted are described below:

  • By bank transfer, in favor of "Miniaturama S.L.": you must make the transfer within a maximum period of 5 working days from when you placed the order (In case that we have not received any confirmation of the transfer after this period, the order will be canceled). The bank account details will be shown once the order has been placed. As a Concept of the transfer/income remember to mention the reference of the order. The use of these will be described later. For this type of payment, you can use the following bank account:
    • Owner: MINIATURAMA S.L.
    • Bank: BBVA
    • Account number: IBAN: ES89 0182 6725 2002 0152 6693
    • IMPORTANT: You must write in the concept the reference/number of your order.
  • With credit or debit card, Visa, Mastercard, American Express. This data is transferred through a secure connection through Redsys, the Virtual POS-Terminal of BBVA. Miniaturama does not have access to this data in any way.


You can purchase any of the products that Miniaturama offers for sale on the Website. Except for the highlighted offers, whose stock will limit the acquisition of the products until end of stock or maximum units per customer (If limited, the number of available articles will be indicated) See each limited product to know the available quantity). If these offers are over, the payment made by them will be reimbursed and the buyer will be notified. Miniaturama will make every effort to have the products offered for sale available at all times; However, due to the constant fluctuation of stock, we cannot guarantee that you will have available the product that you want to buy at the time of placing your order. In that case Miniaturama will inform you about the lack of availability of the desired product. You can either modify your initial order, accept or reject the Miniaturama proposal or cancel your order completely without any cost.

References to Miniaturama products included in any site with an established link does not imply that the product is available for sale through that Website. Such references will not be interpreted in any case as an offer of sale by Miniaturama.

The prices of the products will be those that appear on the Website at the time you place your order, except computer error. Miniaturama reserves the right to modify at any time the prices of its products, in which case the new prices will be immediately applicable to the new orders that you make, as well as to the modifications that you request in relation to previous orders. It is being understood in any case that the price changes will not apply to orders already made by you that are in the process of delivery. Orders not paid within 5 days from the date of purchase of the order will be automatically canceled.

PRE-ORDER PRODUCTS: If there are pre-ordered products in the order (products not yet available for sale), the order will not be sent until all pre-ordered products are available and ready for sale. If the client wishes, he can cancel the products at pre-order at any time so that the rest of the order can be sent in the usual way.


All the prices of the web have their corresponding tax rate applied according to the current legislation and thus they are shown to the clients. In the Shopping Cart you can see the prices WITH and WITHOUT the tax rate applied.


There is a period of preparation for the orders of up to 72 hours once payment is received. This preparation period does not include the shipping time itself. Orders are prepared from the central office in Madrid and only on Madrid calendar working days. This period of preparation will be accomplished unless the product is not available (Then we will depend on what it takes to serve us from the supplier), during special periods previously notified or Christmas time. In any case, within those 72 hours the customer will be informed of the delay in their order.

In Miniaturama, we put an extra effort to make the delivery of the products as soon as possible, even so, it is impossible to guarantee a specific delivery period, since there are circumstances beyond the control of Miniaturama, such as transport strikes, cuts of roads due to inclement weather, problems with suppliers, etc. Even so, we always try to deliver the product as quickly as possible.

Orders will not be delivered to post office boxes. The shipment is made through an urgent package company and will be sent directly to the shipping address that you indicate on your order form.

The order will be canceled and returned to our facilities in any of the following two cases:

  • The delivery cannot be made on 3 different occasions.
  • It has not been possible to contact the customer within 9 business days after the first unsuccessful delivery attempt.

Orders paid by credit card or bank transfer and returned after several attempts of delivery by the transport agency, except an error attributable to Miniaturama or the transport company, will be reimbursed following the next exceptions: the shipping costs generated by transportation, the shipping costs paid by the customer and a return fee of 4.99 €. This applies to any shipment.


If you are already a customer, you will have noticed that our packages have peculiar shapes, brand packaging, etc. The main reason is that we recycle all the cardboard we receive in our orders from manufacturers ... And that's a lot of cardboard! Do not worry, your order arrives in perfect condition, protected and safe. Is only because this way we do a small favor to the environment.


Miniaturama states that the products have the legal guarantees applicable in each case.

If you want more information, contact our Customer Service through the contact form on our website.


The products sold by Miniaturama are suitable for refund only during the first 24 hours after receiving them. The collection of the product will be managed by Miniaturama. The direct expenses derived from this return and any additional justified expenses, in which Miniaturama incurs to attend to its return, will be pay by the client as costs.

The refund of the purchase will be made, in any case, when we receive the items in Miniaturama and after checking the condition of the merchandise, which must be unused and in its original unopened packaging. Once the integrity of this has been verified, the amount will be reimbursed (shipping costs not included) in the same modality in which the purchase was made, except for income in account, which will be refunded by bank transfer. In the case of a return whose item has been opened, or intentionally damaged, it will be sent to the customer, also charging the freight corresponding to the new shipment. If the customer does not accept the return or does not want to pay the shipping costs, the product will be retained in the company waiting for the payment to be made. After 10 days from the communication to the buyer of this last incident, if he has not made the payment of the transport for the return of his product, it will be understood that he renounces to the product. In this case neither the corresponding amount nor the article will be refunded.

In Miniaturama we put special interest and effort in that the articles acquired by the clients arrive in perfect conditions to their addressee. For this we put all our care in its packaging and shipping. Even so, we cannot guarantee that our expectations are met, so that, in case the client considers that a package does not arrive in optimal conditions, it must be indicated to the carrier at the time of delivery, and may refuse to receive it. If upon opening the package you verify that one of the items is not in the proper conditions, you must inform us as soon as possible, by sending an email to contacto@Miniaturama.es, attaching a photo of the merchandise if possible. The collection of the product will be managed by Miniaturama without the client having to assume any additional expense and will be exchanged for the same product in perfect condition.

In the event that the article, returned for the reasons indicated above, is not in the conditions mentioned by the customer or there is evident bad faith from the part of the customer (that he has been given a use that does not correspond to the normal use of the same, that has been intentionally damaged or some other similar cause) the article will be sent back to the customer, also charging the corresponding postage for both its return and its subsequent shipment. If the customer does not accept the return or does not want to pay the shipping costs, the product will be retained in the company waiting for the payment to be made. After 10 days from the communication to the buyer of this last incident, if he has not made the transport payment for the return of his product, it will be understood that he renounces it, for which reason neither the corresponding amount nor the product will be refunded.

Returns will not be accepted for those products "made" according to consumer specifications or clearly customized, such as painted, customized miniatures, customized scenery, etc. The only exception is that the package arrives damaged, which must be verified at the time of delivery, refusing to receive it. Both the courier company and Miniaturama will check the status of the package and if the deterioration is not true, proceed, as described in previous paragraphs, to charge the shipping, return and re-shipment costs to the customer. If the payment of the transport is not made within 10 days from the communication of the new shipment, it will be understood that the costumer renounces and the cost of the product not being returned.


The Website guarantees a secure purchase. For your safety, you will see that Miniaturama never asks for your bank details in any of the available forms of payment. To guarantee the security of your purchase, card payments are made directly in the virtual POS terminal of the BBVA bank, to which we will automatically send you from our store through a secure connection if you have chosen payment by card through Redsys TPV-BBVA in the moment of payment.


Miniaturama considers as a basic objective to guarantee the privacy and confidentiality of the personal data of its users, collected through any system that allows the transmission of the same. Miniaturama states its commitment to comply with the legislation that in this matter is in force at every moment, at present, the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data.

We will not use the data of our buyers, including without limitation, your name, address, telephone number and email address, rather than for the management of your purchase. Likewise, we can inform you of the news, if you decide so, that are related to the products and their improvements, offering the option of subscribing to our electronic news letter system.

You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to: contacto@Miniaturama.es


There is the possibility of filing the Claim via telematics, by filling in the form in the Commsum Portal of each Community.


These Conditions of Sale will be governed by the laws of Spain. The contract will be understood to be celebrated in the place where you have your habitual residence, being competent to know of any conflict derived from the present Conditions of Sale the courts and tribunals of said place.